Sunday, October 7, 2012

Coney Island

This past Saturday my friend and I decided  on a last minute trip to Coney Island. Neither of us had been there before so we knew it was something we had to do on our day off. It was exciting to see how old this place was. I loved all the boardwalk goodies (hotdogs, pretzels, cotton candy, candy apples, and fried everything! Oreos, fish and chips, zeppoles mmmmm). I'm a kid at heart so this was the place for me. I adore arcade games and thrill rides so my eyes lit up the moment we got here. We went on the ferris wheel and this other crazy ride called "The Zenobio" ( if you're into rides like me check this out on YouTube; ITS INSANE) I <3 it. I had a dance off with my friend with Dance Dance Revolution (or something super similar to it). I think I must have lost 5lbs on that thing lol ( we danced to over 8 songs). I sweated like crazy. We enjoyed ourselves just like kids. 

Afterwards we stopped by Union Square where I spotted a nice little street market. Lots of delicious little goodies going on there. More candy apples, corn, food and let me not forget the crazy obsession with scarves lol. It was as if every other tent here had scarves. ( the same ones over and over again lol)

           What I Wore:    H&M: Bow Tank, Forever 21: Skater Skirt, Urban Outfitters: Cardigan Betsey Johnson: Oxford Shoes, Knee Highs & Vintage Purse ( do you see me obsession now ..hmmm ?? <3), Michael Kors: Watch, Perry Ellis: Men's Stretch belt (perfect black belt, I use it for everything.)

                     Hope you guys did something that brings a smile to your face this weekend. Enjoy!



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