Thursday, June 28, 2012

And It All Begins Here

Hello World and Welcome to  My Blog : This blog was "simply"created for me and by me as a form of expression and entertainment. So lets just start off with a little about myself. I love to shop and I am always on the hunt for a good bargain. My favorite designer of all time is Betsey Johnson. (by far ,most down to earth person I've ever met; yes I met her on my birthday lol) I adore her spunk, creativity, and the way shes not scared to show the world shes different with her creations. Other designers I like are Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Marc Jacobs, and many many more, basically anything that really stands out for me.My outfits change with my mood and speak for themselves. I wear what "I" like whether its crazy or simple. One of my favorite accessories are handbags. No matter what store I may go to, I somehow, someway, manage to find myself in the handbag department.I honestly perfer to have a good handbag over ANY article of clothing or accessory. <3.  My hobbies include taking pictures of the most random things or basically anything that catches my eye, playing tennis, working out,laughing at the good times, playing with my two babies (my doggies Benjii and Eevee) and going out to eat (this girl could eat!) I love love love the city (NYC).I literally live only 10 mins away so Im always there out and about.

So here it is everyone a little about me and now the fun begins. I can't wait to start posting pictures of my outfits, shopping finds, pictures and everything else that makes me, well ME! Thanks and I hope you all enjoy.

xoxo Yesenia