Monday, September 30, 2013

Autumn's Beginning








What I Wore: Overall Dress: Forever 21
                              Striped top: Gap (similar here)
      Booties: Report
               Watch: Michael Kors
          Rings: Forever 21

Hey im writing this i'm laying in bed..sick as hell..So these are a few pics from last weekend when I wasn't feeling crappy. I had this overall dress for almost 2 years now and I forgot I even had it in my closet ( like most of us do). Fall is officially here sooo...after a little cleaning I took it out..ironed it since it was WRINKLY, and paired it with this long sleeve shirt since it was a bit windy. I liked this look and then later on...I kinda felt like i looked Amish. Still digging it though lol. Oooh and of course I had to wear my kitty and mouse ear rings which I absolutely love ...I love them sooo much that I had to buy another pack. I dont know whats up with the cat theme this fall...and even though im a dog kind of liking it. Love the cuteness.



Sunday, September 22, 2013

City Cat






                                                             What I Wore:  BodyCon Dress: H&M
                                                                                      Studded Boots: Steve Madden
                                                                                      Socks, Kitty Headband : H&M
                                                                                      Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
                                                                                      Lips: Chanel Controversy

Hey Guys. Lately I've been trying to go to the city (NYC) at least once a week. Something about the city I just seem to gravitate towards. Its definitely a place I go to when I want to be free and roam around exploring. I hop on the train and go.As you guys may I know, I love to eat. So when I go to the city I try new spots. (I'm not a picky eater but i do not eat sushi, thats about it lol) So yea I finally decided to take my mom and dad to Cafe Habana in Soho. If you haven't tried it need to! Yes, the corn is amazing and hands down the best Cuban sandwich I've had. So if your around... definitely give it a try and you'll see why its recommended by so many and why its sooo crowded. Yesterday , the city was pretty relaxing. First we were in Manhattan. My mom and I did a little shoe shopping which is always great. I went to H&M, saw these kitty ears and had to throw them on lol. If you know me, I don't care if people stare..and I dont get embarrassed easily. NY is notorious for people walking around with much crazier things on, plus I thought these were super adorable. I know Halloween is not until a month away..but I could not resist. I love standing out and expressing my loca in me. FYI Peep the socks tooo damn cute. lol... MEOWWWWWW



Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Menswear With The Feminine Touch!!









What I Wore: Blazer: Kensie
                              Shirt: Thomas Pink
                         Shorts: The Loft
                                                                       Shoes: Truth or Dare by Madonna ( Similar here)
                                      Bows: Studio 55 (clip ons)
                Bag: Coach
                                  Sunnies: Prada Baroque
                               Necklace:Leslie Danzis

Hey Guys and girls. This past Saturday I attended a Fashions Night Party in NYC. I attended this event with my cusin. Unfortunately as usual we got there super super late, which is actually quite normal for us. JuJu we seriously need to get better with this. We are literally late for eevvverything. It seems like our internal clock is backed up two hours. I'm not sure if its Dominican in us, the fact that it may be genetics (yeaaa right), or that we are your typical females, but DAMN lol we are terrible. Anyways this is what I wore to the event. I decided I didnt want to wear a dress as I usually do to an event so I said why not let my little preppy-style side of me come out this weekend.I pulled out this blazer I had in the attic and paired it with this pretty baby blue shirt. I headed over to my local TJMmaxx and saw this beautiful necklace and I knew this would be that Pow factor my outfit needed, threw on my pointy heels and it was a gooo for me. I always visit my nearest Marshalls and TJMaxx from time to time because I find things quite reasonably priced and super cute. Overall I like how my outfit came together especially since not much thought was put into it...just how i like it. Oh by the way ...the bows ( im a sucker for bows if you guys may not have noticed already) on my heels are clip-ons. Yes clip-ons that will make any pair of heels look like an entirely different shoe. According to the package you can put them on shoes, purses, scarves, etc. I walked with them all night and surprisingly theyre super strong and wont budge. Hurry, they are on sale now at your local Walgreens for $1.37. So how do you guys wear your menswear???



Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fushia Fun







What I Wore: Blazer: Express
                       Jeans: Hollister
                        Tank: Old Navy
                                    Belt: Express ( Leopard)
                                        Mary Janes: Michael Kors
                                       Necklace: Betsey Johnson
                                                     Handbag: Michael Kors Darrington

Hey Guys!!! Actually work this little number on dress down Friday to work. I loved it. Casual yet cute for going out to dinner after work. What do your casual Friday outfits look like ??



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lilac Love








What I Wore: Jean Jacket & Pantss: Guess Jeans, Sneakers : Converse Chuck Taylor, Sunnies: Prada , Bracelets: Tarina Tarantino,  Top: American Rag

I don't really wear sets like this, because I hate being super matchy matchy, but I love the jacket so I was like why not. First pair of pants I don't have to get taken in at the waist by the way. Anyways I;m trying to hurry up and wear a few things that are in my closet collecting dust before summer ends :( waaaahhh .