Thursday, October 4, 2012

After Work Highline





What I Wore: Calvin Klein: Pussybow Blouse, H&M: Skirt, Hue: Stockings, Banana Republic: Skinny Leopard Belt, Ivanka Trump: Leopard Belt

I had a meeting in the city on Monday, which was a good change for me since im always in the office. I loved being out and seeing all the business people running around. Let me tell you,I thought it would be smart to wear these flats instead of heels which is my normal footwear to work. NO! They hurt like hell. Blocks and blocks of speed walking and 4 trains later my feet took a beating. My outfit was comfortable. As you guys can see now, I love these types of blouses. They're cute and bring a little twist to any outfit (including paired up with blazers, which I will wear in an upcoming post).I need to invest a very very good  comfortable pair of walking flats. After work I went to the Highline Park with my friend to take some pictures of the benches,which the company I work for will do for the newest part of this park. We snapped some pics, picked up dinner and called it a day Hope everyone has a good week.


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