Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Presents

 My best friend is the absolute best. On my birthday I found this surprise on my desk. Presents and breakfast. ( what more could a girl ask for huh ??) He's probably the most detailed and thoughtful person I know. Every year he sticks to a theme and everything is so well presented with stickers and ribbons etc. I'm telling you the whole nine yards. I've been crazy about the "French Hen" Sweater from JCrew and he got it for me plus the matching socks!!!! I also received Alexander McQueen's " Savage Beauty" book. (from the best exhibit of all time at the MET last year, seriously if you haven't checked out this book yet its a MUST) He was/is one of my favorite designers. Ooo and I can't forget the Godiva chocolate pops. I had to get myself a little something something. I gifted myself  some nice cat-eye Prada sunglasses. My mom got me the best chunky sweaters ever. Can't wait to wear them. To sum it all up all my gifts were amazing. At 26 years old, I really don't expect anything for birthday as far as gifts are concerned. The only thing I really want each year is a nice relaxing & fun birthday. ( which most of the time something weird ends up happening.) I must say that this year it was perfect. I really really enjoyed it. From my girls taking me out to dinner to all the gifts, everything that day were nice surprises that really made my day. I just want to thank everyone who made my 1 day of the year a day to remember.



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