Friday, August 30, 2013

Benjii & Me





What I Wore:  Romper: NY& Co.
                                 Sneakers: Converse Chucks
                                                       Bracelets: Tarina Tarantino, Gold Bangle (gift)
                    Necklace: Tarina Tarantino
        Sunnies: Prada Baroque

Hey Guys. I wore this last weekend on Saturday to run a couple of errands. While my mom was at work, I did quite a few things that morning. First I donated a variety of school supplies for the children in my parents home town Miches, Dominican Republic. I loove shopping for school supplies. (Yes I know I'm a true nerd. ) Anyways it felt great do to something like this, especially knowing that its going  children who will utilize these supplies to aide in advancing their education. Children = our future.What better way to help the world. I'm so fortunate and blessed to have so many great things in my life so when I give back it truly is amazing. After that event, I spent some time with my puppy brother. Meet my Havanese dog BENJII aka Benjamin Franklyn. Yup thats my little lamb. I love this little guy unconditionally. I haven't been spending that much time with him due to time constraints, so i felt he needed to play outside for a bit. He requires a lot of attention and loves to take long walks in the park. By the time i finished taking him around the park and then walked allllll the way back home, he was soooo done and basically slept all day lol. 




  1. Your dog is so cute. What is his name?
    Your outfit is good.
    Love all!!!!!

    1. awww thank you so much. His name is Benji... Thank you for stopping by