Sunday, September 22, 2013

City Cat






                                                             What I Wore:  BodyCon Dress: H&M
                                                                                      Studded Boots: Steve Madden
                                                                                      Socks, Kitty Headband : H&M
                                                                                      Bag: Alexander Wang Rocco
                                                                                      Lips: Chanel Controversy

Hey Guys. Lately I've been trying to go to the city (NYC) at least once a week. Something about the city I just seem to gravitate towards. Its definitely a place I go to when I want to be free and roam around exploring. I hop on the train and go.As you guys may I know, I love to eat. So when I go to the city I try new spots. (I'm not a picky eater but i do not eat sushi, thats about it lol) So yea I finally decided to take my mom and dad to Cafe Habana in Soho. If you haven't tried it need to! Yes, the corn is amazing and hands down the best Cuban sandwich I've had. So if your around... definitely give it a try and you'll see why its recommended by so many and why its sooo crowded. Yesterday , the city was pretty relaxing. First we were in Manhattan. My mom and I did a little shoe shopping which is always great. I went to H&M, saw these kitty ears and had to throw them on lol. If you know me, I don't care if people stare..and I dont get embarrassed easily. NY is notorious for people walking around with much crazier things on, plus I thought these were super adorable. I know Halloween is not until a month away..but I could not resist. I love standing out and expressing my loca in me. FYI Peep the socks tooo damn cute. lol... MEOWWWWWW