Monday, August 20, 2012

Botanical Garden

This Saturday My Friend and I took my mom to the Bronx Botanical Garden. This was my second visit here this year and once again it was breathtaking. It was more beautful now then it was in the winter. We walked, enjoyed the Monet Exhibit, took a tram tour, and then were completely exhausted by the time the Garden closed.(lol) I really recommend this garden if you like flowers and nature like me.I honestly think I would need to visit the garden 2 more times before I could honestly say i've seen everything there. Its enormous. Anyways enjoy the pictures below.

What I Wore : Forever 21: Scalloped Shorts, Forever 21: Eyelet TankTop, Michael Kors: Rose gold Watch, Coach: Crossbody bag, Betsey Johnson: Illusion Necklace

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