Thursday, September 18, 2014

Staten Island Zen








   What I Wore:
Pants: Macy's (brand I'm not sure old)
Shirt: Express
Belt: Forever 21
Fadora: NYC Street Market
Loafers: B.O.R.N

About a few weekends ago I went to visit my friend in Staten Island. She took me around the island for a little tour and since we both have similar interests in nature, museums, etc she thought it would be a good idea to take a walk through Snug Harbor. I absolutely loved it. If you are interested in gardens and history, this is a place you must visit if you are ever around the area. We walked around the various gardens and had such a great time relaxing and talking. One garden in particular which stood out among the others ,was the Chinese Scholar's Garden. I snapped a few pictures as you can see, but its a must see to really take in all it's beauty.  I wish it was closer to me so I could visit frequently and read my books there. I really didn't want to leave. Just sitting in that garden made me feel as if I wasn't even in Staten Island. So serene, so peaceful. 



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