Monday, March 10, 2014

Tie It With a Bow







//What I Wore//
Dress: Material Girl by Madonna 
Cardigan : Maison Jules
Tights: Pretty Polly
Boots: Guess

Happy Monday everyone!!!!. Listen, im not excited that its Monday, but its one day closer to Spring. It's hard dressing cute when you have to protect yourself from freezing to death and possibly loosing some toes and fingers. (ok i'm being a bit dramatic, although its been repeated a million times, this winter has been brutal!!!. Stupid polar vordex) Anyways as you all can tell I'm not a winter girl, but I do like winter fashion. Spoken from a true fashionista. Here's a little look I put together, because on this day I refused to wear pants . All the items expect for the boots were purchased at Macy's. I love a good bargain and I'm not scared of taking out those coupons. Macy's is the way to go for me and probably the first store I think about when I need something. For example those $25.00 Pretty Polly tights ended up costing me $4.27. I adored them pointy ring went right through them. I can't help it though, I really love that ring. One day I'll take a pic of it. It actually looks like an engagement ring and I normally wear it on my left hand middle finger, buuuutt when I go out on the weekends with my friends, I put it on my ring finger lol. IT by all means does not ward off a few crazies out there. Anywayssss.I just got sidetracked... I literally could have cried when they ripped. These tights are actually very thick and good quality, opposed to other ones out there, same price and thin as a pair from $.99 store. I usually go for flowy dresses like this. I feel the most conformable in these opposed to something that's super formfitting. You don't have to dress in super tight clothing to look good.

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