Sunday, March 3, 2013

Charlotte Olympia

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1. Kitty Flats ) ( 2. Love Me Hearts) (3. Dance With Me Dolly) ( 4. The Dolly) (5. Birds of Paradise)

I have the tendency to get dressed up for no apparent reason..even to go to the supermarket, but lately I've been feeling "not myself". I feel as if I don't have the energy, but that soon will change God willingly. (I KNOW IT). I do it for ME and 99% of the time it boosts my mood. Anyways when I do get all dolled up, I'll wear heels. Here I show you just a few of my favorite Charlotte Olympia heels. I think this designer is not only unique but makes one of the most creative looking platforms ever. Despite their height, they are comfortable as well. I finally did it, I bought the kitty flats I've been looking at for months. These right here >>>> ( so cute!!!) They fit perfect, no toe cleavage, which I really like. They're comfy on all angles of my foot and most importantly my foot doesn't come out from the sides when I walk. ( I have wide feet and as mush as I adore flats I can't wear the ones I like because of this.) They run true to size ( tried a half size up and it literally slipped off big time) for anyone that is thinking of buying them. I hope they stretch just a little and then they will fit perfect. Can't wait to wear them. <3<3

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