Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Throwdown

What I Wore: Old Navy: Sweater, Forever 21: Drawstring Shorts, Tarina Tarantino: Witch Baroque Necklace Nike:Air Dunks, Alexander Wang: Diego Bag
After my mom got home from work, we decided to take a little stroll at Short Hills Mall and then grab some lunch afterwards. I played it down a little simple this time by throwing on a ligght sweater and shorts. It was kinda chilly out so this was perfect for the weather. Although for some strange reason on my way to lunch I was sweating like crazy lol. I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather. Tomorrow i'll be going hiking so this should be exiting. ( i <3 <3 <3 outdoorsey things)


  1. Hii!!

    i love your blog, you know?


    1. Thank you. hope you come back soon!!!!

      xoxo Yesenia

  2. i'm brazilian! i see your blog, and i LOVE it! *-*